GeoTransformer 2.0

Layers-icon Download (810Kb)

GeoTransformer is a small application that is a-must-have for everyone who does not use something more heavy-weight like GASK (and GeoTransformer is free of charge without any nag-screens).

GeoTransformer functions:

  • Decodes HTML entities in the cache description and logs. This function is required as Garmin devices cannot correctly display these entities but it can display the characters if decoded. This will allow you to see all non-latin characters correctly.
  • Saves the coordinates of solved mysteries and automatically inputs them in the .gpx file, changing the cache icon at the same time. After this simple manipulation it gets pretty hard to drive by a solved mistery and not notice.
  • Automatically uncompress .gpx files from a .zip archive.
  • Publishes the converted .gpx files either to a fixed folder or directly on Garmin device (the device must show in My Computer with a name that starts with “Garmin”).
  • Publishes the converted .gpx files also to Magellan device (the device must show in My Computer with a name that starts with “Magellan”).
  • Merges many .gpx files together so that it is not required to manage .gpx files that were previously published on the GPS unit.

Usage instructions:

  • Download and install Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile.
  • Decompress all files from the downloaded archive in a separate directory (can be a removable USB flash drive).
  • Save the .gpx and .zip files in the same directory.
  • In order to enter the solved coordinates, enter the geocache code (GCxxxx) and the correct coordinates (they can be entered in different formats – DMS, DM, Dec – they will be automatically converted to N XX XX.XXX format).
  • All data is stored in file – this is the one you have to watch in order not to lose the entered data.
  • The cache title will be populated with data from the .gpx files during publish.
  • Click publish. If a recognized GPS device is connected it will show up in the list, otherwise you can publish to a folder.


  • Just copy the new files overwriting anything you had previously, preserve the MovedCaches.txt – the new version will automatically import anything from the previous version.

Future plans:

  • Collect logs from previous pocket queries to increase the number of logs sent to GPS device (a standalone .gpx download includes 20 logs which is much better that the 5 included in pocket queries).
  • Detect duplicate cache entries and use newest (would be useful if pocket queries overlap or if individual files are often downloaded).
  • Adding additional hint to the .gpx file.
  • And more…