GeoTransformer goes open source

GeoTransformer is now available at CodePlex as a open source project. This is not one those situations where “going open source” means “I’m out, if someone else wants, here”. In this case I really think that giving full access to the source code and moving to a solid platform for project maintenance will benefit the application.

The new website:

What new features this move brings to the table:

  • The source code is available to everyone under Ms-RL license (in short it means that you are free to use it in any project but you have to keep the copyright headers intact).
  • Wiki based documentation (currently it is still empty but it will come there).
  • Discussions section (forum).
  • Issue tracker – place to submit bugs and feature requests.

If there is someone who wants to join the development or help write the documentation, please send me a note.