OfflineCacher – new version (v.5)

As usual, the download is available from the original post.

New and changed functionality:

  • Downloader application now asks the user to specify the target directory. This enables to work directly with data on the memory card when phone is connected and this approach will be required to work with favourite caches, moving caches and field notes (coming in next version) together on both computer and phone.
  • Downloader application displays more information in the list and also allows sorting for all visible columns.
  • Coordinates in the cache info page and waypoint creation is shown using “W 85 21.333” as this is the most widely used format in geocaching. The same is done in the downloader application.
  • Opening the info screen for the same cache multiple times in a row is much faster (the slow down is visible only when a lot of caches is loaded).
  • Added multiple checks so that the application will not crash if the map tiles are not downloaded correctly.
  • The downloader will no longer download the extras if they have already been downloaded in the last 7 days.
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