GeoTransformer 4.0

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A new version of GeoTransformer is now available. As usual, existing installations will update automatically.

The biggest change is the introduction of Live API. This means that there is a new search functionality directly in the application. Unfortunately pocket queries are still the way to go because the direct search is rather slow. There are only two benefits from the direct search – it allows filter by favorite points and it enables basic members to download cache names and coordinates (no descriptions and hints though).

Other changes:

  • First run now displays a welcome screen that should help new users to start using GeoTransformer – existing users should complete it as it includes logging into Live API and it is now required for pocket query download.
  • Additional waypoints will automatically be enhanced:
    • The description on the GPS unit will now display the name of the waypoint (that was previously not visible at all) and the name of the cache that the waypoint belongs to.
    • Trail head waypoints will now have the correct symbol (image on Garmin).
    • All other waypoints will now have a random color navaid (circle) symbol. This will allow you to visually group waypoints for a single cache. The color of waypoints are chosen from the cache code so it always remains the same.
  • Bing Maps view now displays disabled caches as grayed out icons. It also displays the name of the cache when the mouse hovers over the icon.
  • Various bug fixes, for example, now it is possible to move the GeoTransformer data file around without the application crashing.

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