Mega Riga Power Trail 2014

The main container for Mega Riga Power Trail has not yet been placed. As soon as it is placed, this page will be replaced with its listing.

This is the main cache for the power trail that has been placed to commemorate Mega Riga 2014 event. The power trail contains XX caches in a loop (unlike the first MRPT series, this one will only have a single loop). Each cache is dedicated to a geocacher (with most finds from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, reviewers that have worked in Latvia and those that visit Mega Riga event).

As with MRPT 2013 the caches are placed in a circle so you can enjoy them on bike or by walking without the usual hassle of walking all the way back to your car. All caches are placed next to forest roads but you should take great care if you are not driving 4x4 - the average condition of the roads are slightly worse than the 2013 trail so a FWD will get that much more chances of getting stuck.

If you want to use public transportation, look at the route map for the bus stop closest to where you want to begin. You could also try taking the train to either Kalngale stop but note that you will have to walk for a while to get to the trail.

On these trails it is very likely that you would meet horse riders. If you drive a car, make sure to fully stop on the side of the road to let them pass without frightening the horse. If you are walking with a dog, remember to put the leash back as soon as you notice the horse.

All caches (unless the hint says otherwise) are attached the same way. If a container is lost but you find the support, you are free to log it as found but please add a Needs Maintenance log so that I know which ones to visit and repair. All container are PET templates so if you can, bring some with you in case one needs replacement.

Please log your story in the "Found it" log on this cache (that is, wait until the actual cache is placed...) - for understandable reasons I will not be able to read through every found log on every cache (but I will read every other log type). It is completely OK if for the other caches you will log just "TFTC", this is a power trail after all...