Satelītkartes kā ekrāntapetes

Tīri nejauši uzgāju jauku piedāvājumu no Microsoft – Windows 7 dinamiskā ekrāntapete, kas attēlo labākos skatus no Bing Maps satelītkartēm.

Viens klikšķis uz Download, tad Run un turpmāk ekrāntapete attēlos skaistus foto no gaisa.

Bing Maps Aerial Imagery theme: Europe

How to enable translation in GeoTransformer

Recently Microsoft changed their Translator from free application to a paid service. Fortunately they still offer 2 million character translations every month free of charge.

This means however that each user of GeoTransformer will have to register with Microsoft himself to make sure that those 2 millions characters are not split between multiple users.

This requires two steps:

1. Open Windows Azure Marketplace and activate the free subscription (you will have to log in using your Windows Live account).

2. Open Windows Azure Marketplace Registered Applications and register a new application. The important values are “Client ID” and “Client secret”.

Once these two steps are performed you can now enable Bing Translator in GeoTransformer by entering these two values in the configuration section.

GeoTransformer 2.1

Layers-icon Download (823Kb)

There is one huge improvement in this version: the ability to automatically translate cache descriptions, hints and logs.

By using Bing Translator the application can automatically translate that foreign gibberish into something that actually helps you to find the cache.

Install and usage instructions in the previous post. Upgrade by just replacing the files (back-up just to be sure).