GeoTransformer 4.5

Izlaista jauna GeoTransformer versija 4.5.

Lejupielāde (esošās versijas atjaunojas automātiski) pieejama

Izmaiņu saraksts:

  • Extensions can now be installed and uninstalled from the application. The extensions update the same way as the application - silently and automatically.
  • Added ability to search for caches by pressing CTRL+F in the table views.
  • Added ability to remove edited customizations for multiple caches at once (use SHIFT or CTRL to select multiple lines in the table).


  • A new experimental version for Windows 8 RT (on ARM processor) is also made available. Since it is not a Metro application but instead classic desktop application you will have to use a tool to enable running non-Microsoft applications on your device. The version is identical to the standard version with the exception that automatic updates are disabled.
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